• SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtualization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

You can get the best VPS for your project only with a reliable hosting provider. HostZealot company has been successfully providing hosting services since 2009, that is why we can offer a number of advantages for our customers:

  • server hardware from leading manufacturers like SuperMicro;
  • six data centers around the globe – in Europe, USA and Canada, where the best VPS can be rented in;
  • KVM-virtualization technology, which lets you appreciate all the advantages of virtual private server.
  • SSD caching, which can speed up an access to a content in five times compared with standard SATA/SAS disks;
  • free additional software that helps to improve server performance;
  • highly professional customer technical support 24/7 available;
  • variety of tariff plans, which will suite any online project.
  • IPv6 fully supported;
  • VNC and SSH root-access;
  • processors units produced by Intel;
  • many convenient control panels available;

Here are some basic parameters you have to keep in mind while choosing the best VPS for your project:

  1. Geographical location - virtual dedicated server should be located in the same geographical area as a target audience. This provides a faster access for users of your online resource.
  2. Hardware - only professional server hardware equipment should be utilized for VPS purposes.
  3. Virtualization technology - there are several types of virtualization and each technology has its own strengths. That’s why you should take in account primary tasks of your VPS before you’ve chosen it.
  4. Hosting provider - quality of hosting services depends directly on the hosting-provider. A reliable company is expected to have the following information on its website: full data about current tariff plans, all contact information, posted public offer.
  5. Technical support - it’s strongly recommended to get all-around-the-clock customer support.

HostZealot сompany provides the best VPS hosting at affordable price - starting from $ 5.99/mo!

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