Why you shouldn't buy extra cheap VPS

Why you shouldn't buy extra cheap VPS

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"Many went bankrupt because they tried to buy on the cheap," Benjamin Franklin once said, and he was truly a great man. A politician, an inventor, a philosopher, an economist, and a writer - in short, a very versatile person. Franklin was guided throughout his life by one ironclad principle - money must be multiplied, and it must work for its owner. And the most effective way to multiply money is a rationalization of investments. In this article we will talk about virtual server rental and talk about why you should not take a cheap VPS or dedicated server, and why the cost of organizing a normal server infrastructure can be considered as an investment.

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Why rent a VPS server

Almost all modern business in one way or another has representation on the Internet. All large companies have their own website, where at least you can find important information about the organization, reach the employees, contact managers, or even order goods or services directly online. Dedicated server - this is how you can ensure smooth and rapid operation of the site. If the server has sufficient resources to ensure the performance of the resource, users will not experience discomfort while surfing. If all is well, the site works flawlessly, pages are updated quickly, all elements are loaded correctly and on time.

Cheap virtual server - is an unreliable basis for the website. Because of the high ping and weak hardware characteristics of the server, the site is likely to lag and underperform, because of which visitors will inevitably be annoyed. If it is a corporate site, then your employees will not be able to quickly perform the tasks assigned, and the entire work process will be slowed down. If this is an online store, then you will inevitably lose customers, because most people at the first signs of lagging simply google the product on the competitors' website. No one will wait 30 seconds until your cheap virtual server process all incoming requests. It is XXI century and the market is in the hands of those who can provide the maximum speed of service without the slightest discomfort.

why you shouldn't buy extra cheap vps

Problems of cheap VPS

Renting a modern VPS or Dedicated Server with advanced server hardware specifications is an investment that provides a number of critical benefits:

  • high speed of the hosted site or database;
  • response time minimization - not only the server configuration is important, but also its geographic location in relation to the target audience
  • operational stability and fault tolerance even under extreme loads on the hardware;
  • excellent scalability - if necessary, you can add processor cores, RAM or allocate more disk space for the current needs of the site.

Inexpensive VPS somehow can provide the work of your website, but if we talk about the stable operation and predictable behavior it is not something worth investing in. Low cost of rent - this is almost always the result of savings on some important aspects. As a rule, on server hardware - such providers place their customers' sites on outdated configurations with old processors, slow RAM, and hard drives that are reaching their end of life. The result is somewhat predictable. High delays, lags, unstable website operation, and long page load time even for users with a high-speed internet connection - this is just a small part of the problems that may arise for people tempted by too attractive tariffs on VDS or VPS.

To summarize

If you study the question on the surface, it may seem that saving money on server lease may be beneficial. In the short term this is true, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. A solid portion of potential customers will eventually fall away - people will go to competitors' sites, which are more stable and faster. No one likes glitchy sites, and no one will tolerate them.
  2. Reputational losses can end up many times greater than the potential savings - as the saying goes, the stingy pays twice.
  3. During peak hours, when site traffic increases to critical values, a cheap VPS is definitely not able to provide stable operation of the site, and this is the time interval when the largest number of purchases and orders are placed.
  4. At 100% utilization of VPS, there may be errors 504 Gateway Timeout - this is when the web server does not have time to return the HTTP-response within the specified period. This is one of the most common problems on cheap servers.
  5. Lack of even minimal information support from the hoster. Here, in principle, everything is logical, because consultants and technicians also need to pay a salary, and it all leads to an increase in rental costs.

If you have a stable business that requires normal servers, it is recommended to rent a more expensive VPS or Dedicated Server as in this case you are guaranteed to get a fail-safe and stable infrastructure with 24/7 support from the provider.

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