Renting Windows server

Renting a dedicated Windows server is a service delivered by hosting providers, whereby user gets guaranteed administrator level access to the remote physical server with Windows Server 2012 operating system on board.

  • Custom configuration;
  • Fast provisioning;
  • IPMI Interface;
  • IPv6 Free subnet;
  • Quick Upgrade;

Pricing for dedicated server is noticeably higher in comparison to other hosting options, but advantages of such approach justify the investment:

  • required level of protection - customer has all the tools to customize security policies and achieve the maximum level of protection;
  • efficiency - full access to settings, both on hardware and software levels for tuning the best server performance;
  • solution for custom tasks like simultaneous use of multiple servers for load balancing or resources virtualization.
  • minimizing downtimes - Windows server rental allows you forget about actions of other tenants that may affect server load, which is sometimes the issue with VDS. Administration and distribution of hardware resources is totally up to the client renting a server;

Also, Windows server has some distinctive features you might be interested in if you’re involved in something like:

  • using Microsoft software products and / or testing applications for this platform;
  • working with a server as a remote workstation via easy-to-use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

HostZealot offers rental of dedicated Windows servers exclusively on the basis of high-quality hardware from Supermicro, HP, Intel, Dell. Server can be ordered in one of the currently available locations: England, Sweden, the Netherlands, as well as Canada and the United States. Cooperation with top-class data centers, which in turn partner with a range of organizations providing stable, high-speed access to the Internet, allows us to maintain 99.9% uptime. Successfully providing hosting services for more than seven years HostZealot company guarantees the highest level of service to all the clients.

In addition to the above mentioned Windows Dedicated Servers powered by HostZealot come with useful tools for monitoring hardware state and traffic consumption, which are also provided free of charge; IPMI server management using secured access via company's internal network; professional technical customer support services available 24/7.

Cost of renting a dedicated Windows server is determined by technical parameters of the hardware, and precalculated amount of data traffic to be consumed. Our website has comprehensive information about current tariff models. You can also make an online-order of Windows server rental service, once you have decided on your desired tariff model. Note that Windows license is not included directly in a dedicated server renting fee. Specify required license while making an order of the relevant product or you can also use your own existing license.

Find full description, detailed specifications and some typical use cases of the available servers configurations in our blog. If you have any questions related to selecting a product or making an order we are always ready to answer them. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team and get answers at any time convenient for you.

Renting dedicated Windows servers from HostZealot is a great solution for customers, who want to get the most out of their online projects.