Renting a Dedicated Server

Lots of customers nowadays prefer dedicated server hosting. This type of hosting is gaining popularity despite the fact that this service is significantly more expensive compared to using virtual dedicated servers. If you are sure that your online project has already ‘grown up’ to match a dedicated server solution, you’ll have to decide what is the best option: purchasing or renting a physical server. In this case you need to know benefits of each variant to make a right decision.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

It is obvious that purchasing or renting a physical servers does not belong to services with web hosting budget and is focused on large-scale projects. However, dedicated server solution certainly has a number of advantages over other types of hosting:

your online project will work consistently and reliably - using physical server can protect you from unexpected crash downs;

  • your online project will work consistently and reliably - using physical server can protect you from unexpected crash downs;
  • high technical performance compared to other types of hosting. Moreover, if a project will require additional resources, they can be increased in a short time;
  • sincreased level of security - client can easily customize all the security settings.

Purchasing a dedicated physical server, its administration and maintenance require significant financial investments and additional resources. That's why most customers opting for dedicated server hosting, still choosing a renting option.

HostZealot company's customers have an opportunity to rent a physical server in one of six locations in the United States, Canada or Europe. HostZealot partners with following data centers:

  • Portlane (Stockholm, Sweden);
  • SwitchDatacenters (Amsterdam, Netherlands);
  • Interxion (London, UK);
  • Cologix (Toronto, Canada);
  • Zayo (Ashburn and Chicago, USA).

Data center is a set of specially equipped sites with high-speed connection to the Internet, designed to accommodate network and server equipment. Data centers maintain optimal conditions for perfect functioning of physical servers. Constantly controlled are indoor temperature, vibration and humidity, as well as autonomous power supply backup system. Security systems in data centers meet the highest standards, thereby providing protection from unauthorized access

That’s why, customer, who rents a physical server, doesn’t have to worry about:

  • server room to get smooth operation of the equipment;
  • qualified technical staff;
  • reliable power supply source.

Realization of the above mentioned requires serious financial investments and time. Also your entire network can be harmed any time by incompetent actions of the staff or extreme weather conditions.

All the data centers, HostZealot cooperates with, meet standards of the highest quality. Besides, renting a dedicated physical server from a hosting company instead of using its own hardware, client receives additional benefits:

  • Internet traffic fees for an end user is very low thanks to data centers buying wholesale traffic;
  • availability of ready-made solutions for complex multi-server tasks;
  • determined number of server administration tasks can be delegated to qualified service personnel of hosting provider.

HostZealot company has an extensive successful experience working for more than seven years in the hosting services market. Therefore, every customer gets additional bonuses:

  • our specialists will get your custom server ready for use in the shortest possible period of time. Base configurations of dedicated servers can be accessed within an hour after an order is made;
  • equipment management has become much easier thanks to free addons. If you need to restart your server quickly, you can do so using IPMI;
  • highly professional technical customer support 24/7/365.

If you are interested in renting a physical server, fill up online product order form or contact us in any way convenient for you.