Dedicated server hosting

Renting a dedicated server is one of the most popular services currently provided by hosting providers. Advantages of the dedicated server are undeniable, thus in most cases cost of services is a determining factor.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

First of all, it is necessary to define the meaning of hosting itself. In this particular case, hosting dedicated server means rental of a physical server provided to the user for a certain period of time and that is subject to the terms and conditions specified in a company’s offer. The dedicated server owned by the hosting provider is located in one of the available locations selected while making an order. The data center, where the server is physically located, ensures all the conditions required for its normal operation are met.

  • uninterruptable power supply;
  • broadband Internet access channel;
  • protection against unauthorized access;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

The user gets root-access to the server and can perform administrative tasks at any time. In fact, this option - hosting (servers’ rental) - contains all the positive aspects associated with dedicated server hosting and allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses, as well as time spent on organizational issues:

  • only high-end servers;
  • no restrictions on the content hosted (TOS compliance required);
  • tweak system parameters for performing specific tasks;
  • guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Also, you can order a server placed in the closest proximity to your online project target audience.

This eliminates a number of issues, which inevitably arise when using your own dedicated server:

  • server and network equipment capital costs;
  • providing necessary conditions for optimal operation of your server;
  • recruiting dedicated server administration team.

If you have not decided yet where to order your hosting, dedicated server from HostZealot is maybe the option that you are looking for. Our company is well known in the industry and has a solid practical experience, providing a wide range of hosting services since 2009. In addition to the available dedicated servers hosting services you can also order:

  • virtual dedicated server;
  • web hosting;
  • domain name registration;
  • security certificate (SSL-certificate).

We also offer collocation services to our customers and help them to implement various nontrivial solutions, such as load balancing.

Besides the abovementioned advantages related to the dedicated servers hosting, we are pleased to offer our customers:

  • protected IPMI-access for server management;
  • quick access toolbar that allows you to ON/OFF/REBOOT your dedicated server with a touch of a button;
  • bandwidth usage dynamic graphs.

We have a flexible discount system based on the chosen payment period for all our products. For example, ordering a virtual dedicated server hosting for a year term can save 25% of the cost compared to the monthly billing cycle.

There are some important details related to our services also worth mentioning, e.g.

  • highly professional customer support service;
  • variety of ways to contact us - Skype, online chat, ticket system;
  • ever growing list of supported payment methods.

Hosting dedicated server with HostZealot will bring your online project most ambitious development plans to life!