What hosting should you choose for a landing page?

What hosting should you choose for a landing page?

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Landings are unlikely to ever lose relevance. This solution will always be good for many small companies and entrepreneurs. After all, they simply do not need the capabilities of a complex multipage and expensive both in development and content of the site! But do they need the capabilities of good paid hosting or can they save money with free placement on free hosting? Find the answer to this question in this article from the experts of HostZealot!

Which hosting rental should I choose: free or paid?

There is one serious problem with paid hosting: you have to pay for it. In all seriousness, this is the main and virtually the only advantage of free hosting. Otherwise, the site owner must be prepared for a number of disadvantages of "free" services:

  • Lack of guarantees. This hosting can hardly be called reliable. You will allocate limited server resources, and you can not be sure that they will be saved. Therefore, the work of the small website can be slow and unstable. Moreover, the free hosting rent for the site may end suddenly - and it will be impossible to restore your data…
  • Reputational losses. If you choose to host on a free basis, be prepared for two things. First: the domain name of the second or third level. The second: the presence of your site is absolutely any advertising content. And both undermine the confidence of customers and reduce their loyalty.
  • Template design. Free hosting service often offers to build a small website using a website constructor. This is fast, convenient, and does not require any cost. But be prepared that the provider of hosting will give you only a few standard layouts, where they change the basic parameters, photos, and texts. And the rest of your website will be similar to hundreds of others.

CMS for fast content management

If you choose paid hosting, it does not mean that you have to spend a lot on design and development for the sake of the uniqueness of the small website. There are many free or very affordable and, most importantly, offering a wide range of content management systems, abbreviated as CMS. The best known and most functional are WordPress, Joomla!, MODx, Drupal, Magento. By using them it is quite realistic to create even a complex site! And for a mini portal minimum skills would be enough. However, this is a topic for a separate article. So let's return to the discussion about whether to choose a physical or virtual server and how to order the hosting…

what hosting should you choose for a landing page?

Which hosting to choose?

So, you have decided: a free hoster - is not an option for your site. What next? It remains to decide on one of three types of lease hosting:

  • Web hosting. The simplest execution: on one physical "machine" is placed several portals of different owners. They share the power and even partially the software (for example, they are often put one control panel - like cPanel). As a result, the resource is limited, but the business site rarely requires a lot of disk space, RAM or a high-speed channel. In essence, this is how the described free schemes work. But if you decide to buy this type of hosting, you can already be sure of the quality of service.
  • VPS. This abbreviation in Russian as a virtual private server. He is more expensive than virtual hosting from the previous point, but it justifies the independence of the sites stored all the same on one device. Each project has a contractually fixed resources and flexibility of settings. This allows for a noticeable increase in stability and functionality of the site. Read more about this technology in our article about what a VPS is.
  • A dedicated physical server. This is the most expensive but also the most advanced hosting rental for the site. Here one "machine" is given only to you, because you always have all the available capacity. In addition, you can configure it as you like for your tasks, to ensure maximum security and to get virtually unlimited speed and amount of traffic (read more about the advantages compared to the VPS in this article). Only a question arises whether all this will pay off with a lightweight and small business site…


The conclusion from all this is simple: the owners of such websites may well opt for virtual hosting. This option is available, convenient, clear, and reliable. And if your small website will eventually grow, you can always go to a hosting format VPS or even on a dedicated server, if the functionality of the portal has become bigger. The main thing is to choose a proven contractor like HostZealot. Our advantages include:

  • A variety of available pricing plans for various tasks;
  • Competent and attentive 24/7 technical support;
  • The guarantee of stability and safety of equipment;
  • Various options for scripts, mail, website management, etc;
  • Simple and versatile administration with different panels;
  • All types of hosting rent: virtual, VPS, dedicated.

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