Backup VPS

Backup VPS

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Automation of almost all spheres of business life has led to the fact that the bulk of information is stored digitally. And the fact that the safety of data largely depends on the reliability and efficiency of computer systems and servers raises certain concerns. One failure or hacker attack is enough to cause permanent loss of important archives. To reduce this risk helps to regularly back up your VPS. Having a backup copy of the site or database, the user can restore the information, if the data on the server is damaged or lost.

Backup: What is it

Definition of “backup” refers to the process of copying important folders and files. The duplicates created can be stored on the same computer, but a more reliable way to keep the copies is to upload them to third-party storage.

For stable and trouble-free work of the resource hosted on VPS backup is very important. If it is done regularly, it becomes a guarantee that all the users' achievements will not be lost, and the website can be restored in a short time. Ideally, backups meet these requirements by:

  1. Integrity. When backing up a VPS, all files and folders must be copied completely, otherwise data recovery may be difficult.
  2. Isolation. To exclude the possibility of losing backups together with the main information, it is better to use external drives or other computers for their storage.

Thus, to make a VPS backup means to create a copy of all data on the server in order to be able to restore a web resource in case of unforeseen situations.

Why it's worth making backups

While hosting a website on VPS, customers often ask their provider how exactly their virtual server can guarantee safety and reliability. The answer is quite predictable: a virtual workstation is as reliable as a regular physical server. Unfortunately, no one is immune to abnormal situations, and even a 24-hour technical support cannot fully exclude them. The causes of data loss on a VPS may be:

  • RAID controllers malfunction;
  • hacker attacks;
  • file system failures;
  • careless actions of users.

In all of these cases, in a matter of minutes, you can lose data, without which the continued existence of the resource will be impossible. And if you choose between the "death" of the project, in which you invested a lot of time and work and order backup services, the decision in favor of backup will be obvious.

backup vps

How often do you need to backup your data

Many users ask how to make a VPS backup and how often to perform this procedure. The answer is that you can back up data manually using special software, or you can set up automatic creation of archives on the hosting. The second option is more convenient and reliable, as the process goes regardless of whether the user remembers the need for backup or not.

As for the frequency of backups, it is worth following these recommendations for the successful use of VPS:

  1. The frequency of data copying should correspond to the dynamics of changes in the information on the site. If it is a news or entertainment portal, online store or virtual media, then it is better to make copies daily. In the case of a business card or corporate site, you can limit yourself to two VDS backups per month.
  2. You should back up your information every time you make an update to your site, before you update your software or install new applications. If these actions cause failures, you will be able to restore the resource in the form in which it was before the changes.

You can store backups for as long as you like. But if you make backups regularly, it would be enough to save the last few archives and delete the older ones.

How to choose a hosting for VDS backup

If you want to have data security guarantees, it is better to rent a paid server for this task. You can find free servers, but their reliability is much lower due to the lack of responsibility for the loss of the archives, minimal or even no technical support, limited management capabilities and control.

By renting a paid server from a responsible provider, you get:

  • Archives protection based on the modern protocols;
  • Server location in countries with a high level of information security;
  • Wide range of tools for management, monitoring and configuration;
  • Round-the-clock consulting and technical support;
  • Any required amount of disk space;
  • Opportunity to choose the optimal server configuration and scale it in the process of use.

To learn more about how to make a VPS backup and how much it costs, please contact HostZealot. Contact our managers on the phone numbers listed on the website and get detailed answers to all your questions.

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