How to work properly with a dedicated server

How to work properly with a dedicated server

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Minimum compromise and maximum capabilities - about how you can describe a dedicated server on the background of other options for hosting online projects on the network. But do not hurry to order the purchase or lease such a server! First, we should understand what it is, what are its advantages and disadvantages, as well as what to look for when choosing equipment. All this information you will find in our article!

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a special computer, which is given only for one project, site, or service. That is its key difference from VPS (about this concept read here), where one "machine" is divided into several independent projects (learn more about the difference with VPS at this link).

You have two options to work with this kind of equipment:

  • Purchase. The basic solution: buy a ready-made server or build one based on the specifications and store it at home or in the office in the server room. You can also set it using the colocation model in data centers, or data centers (read about them here).
  • Rental. You can borrow such equipment from a data center. Moreover, renting a dedicated server has a lot of advantages, and data centers are offering all kinds of services and operating models (about their trends we wrote here).

Whether you buy or rent a dedicated server, you must be prepared for two typical moments:

  • The complexity of management. It is difficult to figure out how to work with a dedicated server. It is better to find a specialist to supervise the settings and administration of the hardware and software.
  • High cost. Renting a server, and its purchase by default will cost significant amounts of money. Against this background, a virtual server seems a much more favorable solution.

The advantages of a dedicated server

The described disadvantages of the "dedicated" are compensated by its advantages:

  • Completeness of resources. A dedicated server gives access to all available CPU, RAM, hard disk, etc. It is ideal for complex projects (if resources are chosen with a reserve, of course).
  • Stability. The absence of "neighbors" on one server affects the smooth operation of the online project (especially noticeable in conditions of heavy traffic or other increased load).
  • Connection speed. VPS and more so web hosting channel is divided among many sites, so they can not handle even a gigabit of traffic. While renting a dedicated server is quite realistic figures.
  • Security. Protection from intruders with a dedicated server is the maximum (not because it is hidden in the server room, of course). Hacking and DDoS attacks of a shared device affect both their target and their "neighbors" hosting.
  • Flexibility of settings. The administration of dedicated servers is complex, but opens up a lot of opportunities: the choice of any OS and software and configure them clearly for their own, even the most specific tasks.

how to work properly with a dedicated server

Choosing the right dedicated server tenant

To rent a dedicated server shows all the described advantages, you need, as well as with the choice of VPS, seriously evaluate the hosting provider. Pay attention to:

  • Location. The location of the dedicated server should be as close as possible to the target audience of the online project. Then the waiting time for visitors will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Equipment. Equipment for servers should be varied (so you can choose the best for your tasks) and modern, from leading manufacturers. Then you can guarantee that the project will work all the time.
  • Reviews. It is not only the opinion of customers to rent dedicated servers (look for them on forums), but also independent experts. The web is full of hoster ratings from reputable online publications, and data on the certification of their data centers.
  • Service. A good provider's service is well-thought-out: from competent technical support in a 24/7 format, helping to understand the peculiarities of their server infrastructure, to a variety of additional services.
  • Possibility to build to order. Some hosters offer to build dedicated servers just for the necessary, specific configuration - taking into account all your wishes on capacities and even brands and models of hardware.
  • Rates. Whether you lease a virtual or a dedicated server, it's important to make sure that the cost of the service is reasonable, and the rate grid-developed. So you will have a chance to order the best price solution for your project.

For what tasks to rent a dedicated server

No one forbids the choice of equipment, even for a small business site or a personal small blog, but it is most justified for the following types of projects:

  • Particularly large corporate and informational sites, as well as online stores with an abundance of goods and high traffic;
  • Gaming portals and projects for video streaming, which can only pull a powerful, advanced, and independent dedicated server;
  • Financial and other services with high security and fault tolerance, which you can not get with a virtual server;
  • Organization of the repository of databases and systems such as CRM for internal corporate use with access from anywhere in the world.

If you have realized that your online project requires a physical server option, you should contact HostZealot. We offer one of the best conditions for dedicated server rental on 14 locations worldwide! Reliable equipment, full or partial administration, local area networks, the choice from high-density chassis to multi-unit giants, a variety of rates and competent support, which will prompt and how to connect to the dedicated server, and how to configure a VPS - with us it is reliable, convenient and profitable!

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