Dedicated Server in Data Center

HostZealot company offers to customers server hosting solutions in different locations in Europe, USA and Canada. Renting a server in a data center means that your data is secured and there is a 99.9% uptime.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Select a location based on your requirements, while making your order. At the moment we offer a possibility of renting a dedicated server in the following data centers:

  • Interxion, London, United Kingdom;
  • Cologix, Toronto, Canada;
  • Portlane, Stockholm, Sweden;
  • Zayo, Chicago, USA;
  • Switch Datacenters, Amsterdam, Netherlands;

Ordering dedicated server hosting service client is able to use a preconfigured remote server installed in one of the partner data centers according to his needs. What is actually a data center?

Data center is a specially equipped set of sites for servers and network equipment for Internet connection.

Special conditions in question are parameters essential for normal operation of the dedicated server. Following parameters are constantly monitored in data centers:

  • humidity, vibration, temperature;
  • continuity of power supply;
  • protection against unauthorized access.

Data center and server rental services allow customers not to engage in a direct organization and running of:

  • own equipped server room;
  • professional technical personnel;
  • reliable power source of a high quality.

in order to ensure only the items listed above it may require significant financial investments and time and still keep in mind that extreme weather conditions or untimely action of the staff may at any time put the operation of your entire network at risk.

HostZealot company partners only with data centers that meet the highest quality standards. In particular, data centers have a number of features:

  • secured access to high-speed data transfer channels;
  • reliable power system, which has both normal and emergency modes;
  • an effective system for ensuring appropriate microclimate;
  • timely server maintenance by qualified on-site technical personnel;
  • multi-level security system of the object and controlled physical access to the server;
  • means for maintaining a high level network security.

Renting a server placed in a data center also has following advantages compared to using your own server:

  • traffic price is minimal (compared with similar offers of private Internet service providers);
  • out-of-the-box solutions for complex multi-server tasks;
  • ability to choose the amount of server administration tasks, which you’d like to take care of yourself.

Dedicated server hosting in a data center is one of the most popular solutions in the hosting industry at the moment. Mostly because this service combines all the benefits offered by a dedicated server itself and a thing that you may customize a degree of hosting provider’s technicians get involved in server administration tasks.

The participation level of our administrators can be reduced to the basic services like system recovery for example. On the other hand, it can be upgraded to include such advanced options as installing and configuring client software for traffic monitoring and backups. Besides, premium technical support guarantees minimum response time to any technical issue that may arise.

Moreover, renting a dedicated server from HostZealot, do not forget about additional benefits that are available to all clients of the company:

  • hardware from SuperMicro and Intel;
  • highly qualified pre-sales consulting customer support 24/7;
  • prompt delivery of standard and individual configurations of servers;
  • free analytics software that allows you to monitor traffic consumption;
  • number of convenient ways to contact our professional customer support service.

Pick your dedicated server solution from HostZealot and get the best service at a reasonable price!