Hostmaster or administrator - is a person responsible for website support. Among his duties are:

  • check and support of server’s hardware and software;
  • website structure organizing;
  • web pages development and update;
  • reply to emails about the website;
  • creating CGI scripts;
  • traffic monitoring.

The administrator keeps an eye on everything that happens to the website. He checks its efficiency with the search engine, its functionality, speed, and design. The admin also checks the content and marketing campaign relevancy, etc. In some cases, a webmaster can be responsible for managing the SEO activities or front- and back-end development.

What exactly does the hostmaster do?

One can say, the website administrator is kind of a project manager who works with a team of developers and designers. Besides that, he also troubleshoots the website, solves the issues, and updates the content when needed.

The website admin is a computer professional, jack-of-all-trades, he ensures the website’s optimum efficiency and operability. He decides what kind of software suits best, confirms the website content, and repairs any code issues.

Webmaster’s every day starts with all plugins updated, security reliability checks, and all kinds of SEO side checks. It’s also worth mentioning that he is responsible for Google Analytics services monitoring, sitemap check, and seeking the dead links because they infect the website’s ranking.

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