Server to host a website

If you are looking for a hosting for your website, shared hosting (or web hosting) is likely the most appropriate solution that comes to mind first. However, any rule has exceptions. Below we are going to look into some cases where it is reasonable to host a website on a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers’ “pros” are well-known. We will only briefly name all the main advantages of renting a remote physical server for hosting your website:

  • terms of service and physical resources of the server itself are the only restrictions for a size and actual content of your website;
  • root-access for server resources administration;
  • handle your server administrative tasks when it is most suitable for you.
  • you are free to install any required software at any time;


Let’s find out who may be interested in renting a server for a website, bearing in mind that the price of this service can be considerably higher as compared to a web hosting. First of all, you should take into account your project requirements on a hosting solution. If we are talking about a small website with a few static web pages, then web hosting is exactly what you need. This type of hosting combines transparent website management with considerably low fees. However, if your website allows internet users to:

  • download or upload some huge files;
  • play media files in a high quality online, without downloading them;
  • get stable access to your website with a low latency, regardless of the number of users connecting at the same time;

then it is strongly advisable to analyze carefully all the data you’ll have to upload, take some increasing factor and roughly assess technical parameters that your website requires and select a type of hosting that suites your needs most.

In addition to the above mentioned, some specific restrictions are also imposed on the web-hosting accounts. For example, according to our TOS all web hosting users must adhere to the following limitations to maintain stable operation of a shared server:

  • usage of twenty five or more percents of the resources during one minute is prohibited;
  • scheduled cron tasks should not be carried out more than once in every quarter of an hour or perform five or more tasks simultaneously;
  • free file-sharing is strictly forbidden;
  • greater part of your website content should be HTML or similar data type.

That was just a small part of the constraints used to provide normal operation of the web hosting service. If your online project can not operate normally under these conditions, it makes sense to pay attention to VPS plans or renting servers for a website. If you have decided to opt for a dedicated server solution, consider the following information about some opportunities offered by HostZealot company:

  • our dedicated servers are located in six points of presence around the world. You can choose the one you are interested in during online checkout process;
  • we partner only with certified data centers with guaranteed high quality services, which also result in 99.9% uptime;
  • ordering dedicated server you get enterprise equipment that meet the highest requirements for reliability and efficiency;
  • each server supports remote management via IPMI, which can be accessed through a protected internal network of the company;
  • any commercial or technical issues are processed as soon as possible by our support team that is available around the clock on weekends and holidays.

To order a dedicated server, go to the appropriate page and complete your order online. If you need additional information or assistance, please contact our customer support representatives in any convenient way.

Dedicated server from HostZealot hosting a website means your confidence in an effective and stable operation of the online-project!